Coding for Causes Together

We’re a group of coders with a passion to learn and give back to the community.

Who Are We?


We’re a group of coders with a passion to learn and give back to the community. All experience levels are welcome. Civic coding is a great way to learn and practice new frameworks. Experienced coders can share knowledge and use their skills to give back.


We’re a group of community activists, volunteering time to collaborate with local communities, governments, and nonprofits to drive change. We partner with the community to discover needs and organize technical projects to completion.

Getting Started

Review our Getting Started Guide, along with some helpful tips below:

Find what drives you

Working on a community project that you’re passionate about will greatly improve your chances of successful completion. Your journey will have many roadblocks along the way. The motivation for what you are building can be a powerful driving force to fall back on.

Make it practical

For beginners, start off with a small project or simple framework. For more experienced coders, work on something with a reasonable enough scope to be able to complete it. Look for existing data resources before jumping into any heavy coding.

Be prepared to learn

Whether you're just starting out, or using this as an opportunity to learn an entirely new stack or framework, anything can be achieved with google, patience, persistence, trial & error and some coffee.


Project: OC Covid 19 Dashboard

A dashboard to track the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) in the local Orange County community. Let's work together to help prevent the spread of this disease! The dashboard includes daily trends by age group, gender, and travel verses community spread.

Looking For: Project Manager, Front End Developer (JavaScript)

Links: GitHub, Slack

Project: OCCC Website

Design a website for the group to highlight projects, solicit ideas, and bring together those who want to be involved in civic projects from a coding perspective. Check out the Slack channel to see the progress of our website and give us feedback as we develop it.

Looking For: Project Manager, Front End Develper (Jekyll + GitHub Pages)

Links: GitHub, Slack

Join Us

Please join us as we try to make a difference in our community. Stay up-to-date on our progress and attend in-person MeetUps and working sessions. We are planning to hold once-a-month new member orientation MeetUps and bi-weekly working sessions (weekend and weekday). Check MeetUp for latest event information.